Basic contents and precautions of general knowledge of international maritime logistics

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In international transportation, sea transportation has become one of the indispensable modes of transportation, but many people do not know how sea transportation works.

First of all, if you have goods exported abroad, you need to find a reliable international freight forwarding company. After price negotiation, the goods can be transported to the warehouse of the transshipment company.

Secondly, after the goods arrive at the transshipment warehouse, your exclusive customer service will receive, load, declare, sail, clear, unpack, distribute and deliver the goods at the port of destination.

The following is an introduction to the general knowledge of international maritime logistics for your reference:

The main characteristics of international shipping are low cost and long time. It is suitable for foreign orders with large shipments.

International sea freight: the price will vary according to the type of goods and the place of departure.

Timeliness of international shipping: the timeliness of international shipping depends on destination, shipping date and other factors.

Precautions for international maritime transportation:

● international maritime transport is the slowest mode of transport among various means of transport.

● easily affected by natural conditions, climate and other factors, prolong the transportation cycle, or cause commodity damage.

It is recommended to send sea parcels from 10kg to avoid backlog and loss of smaller parcels on the cargo ship.

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