"One box is hard to find" by sea? Jiangsu explores "railway box launching"

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Yangzi Evening News Network, March 25 (reporter Shi Xiaolei) recently, a sea rail intermodal train loaded with 30teu railway containers was sent from Tongshan freight yard of Xuzhou Huaihai international dry port to Lianyungang, marking the successful operation of the new mode of "railway container launching" of sea rail intermodal transport from Xuzhou to Lianyungang.

The reporter learned that the train, loaded with industrial tires and glassware produced by local enterprises in Xuzhou, was directly loaded at Lianyungang port and sent to Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia.

Different from the past, this is the first time to use railway box for whole journey transportation. According to the introduction of the transportation administration bureau of the Provincial Department of transportation, under the traditional mode of "Xuzhou Lianyungang" sea railway intermodal transport, the export of foreign trade goods needs to be sent from the empty container of Lianyungang Port dispatching shipping company to Tongshan station, and then loaded at the place of origin. It is transported from the Tongshan freight yard of Xuzhou Huaihai international dry port to Lianyungang port by rail, and then sent to the overseas destination port by sea.

In order to overcome the impact of the current epidemic, solve the difficulties of customers' short shipping schedule and improve the timeliness of transportation, Lugang shilianda, the holding subsidiary of Xuzhou Huaihai international dry port operation company, has deeply cooperated with Lianyungang Port Group, Shanghai xinhaifeng Lianyungang branch, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Xuzhou railway freight center and Xuzhou customs to adopt a new mode of railway container launching transportation to realize customers' direct use of railway containers for loading locally in Xuzhou, After being transported to Lianyungang port, it is loaded to sea, which eliminates the previous link from sending empty containers at the port to loading at the source of goods, greatly shortens the transportation time, improves the support capacity of sea rail intermodal transport platform, and creates a new mode of "one container to the end" for railway container foreign trade goods.

The whole process transportation mode of "railway box launching" is an innovative measure to ensure the channel and promote exports under the epidemic situation, and promote the linkage between Xuzhou Huaihai international dry port and Lianyungang port. It is conducive to further give play to the centralized transportation advantages of Xuzhou Huaihai international dry port and build a large channel to the sea from the east of Huaihai economic zone.

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